Dominus, acknowledged as the South-Western most continent of Valt, is a land of great mountains and thick rainforests. The north of Dominus is populated by men who gave it the name it is known by many. Most of these men are Cisternians and restricted to the comparatively small country of Marxt.

In the slightly cooler midlands just to the south are the flat plains populated by the Dwarves who, with their greatly advanced technology, often spend a great deal of time warring against one another, particularly with the Dwarven superpowers of BLANK and BLANK in a continuous struggle against one another.

The South-Eastern expanse of the continent is covered in sprawling mountains, some of which stretch miles into the sky. Wherever there is a place that is habitable in this region it is likely populated by Blood Elves in what is recognised as a series of many smaller countries to the other races of the world but is in-fact a single united nation.

The South-Western peninsula of Dominus is unusual in that it is oddly hot and humid as well as being completely cut-off from the rest of the world by both a vicious mountain range and a colossal river, the largest in the world. This thick rainforest is the only place in the world where the Mijat can be found.



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