Initially a paladin order formed by the ruler of Maxt, Chronos, this small-time band of undead-seeking paladins developed into a group of followers seeing their leader, Chronos, as a true saviour of souls and holder of great divine secrets.

This small group of followers grew over time and Chronos’ influence expanded further, the country of Maxt expanding its borders as nearby border settlements converted to Chronology, taking their land with them.

When this gathering was large enough, Chronos entering his older years with a greater ambition for power, he took advantage of these followers and began systematically sending out his paladins, now a veritable army, to countries across the world in order to spread his influence, in some cases successfully, other not so much, though he was never met with force.

On the other side of this Chronos sent out groups of missionaries to the settlements and cities on the borders of the ever-expanding Maxt. When a settlement wouldn’t cooperate it would be razed to the ground by a band of mercenaries, so as not to damage the name of his paladin order. After this was completed Chronos would then brand the mercenaries as heretics and send his paladins to eliminate them, removing any evidence and gaining influence with the local people for ridding the world of what was considered a scourge.

At the peak of its power, the Church of Chronology covered an area equal to the size of Earth’s Russia, held entire nations on the other side of the world in its grasp and was still seen as a peaceful and genuinely good force, primarily devoted to ridding the world of the undead and protecting the people.

Eventually, when Chronos made his true intentions clear, his paladins were so brainwashed by Chronos’ cause that they believed that he was still doing everything in the name of the greater good and every order he gave was on equal to the authority of the gods of other religions themselves.

This religion, corrupted by greed and madness, was eventually toppled by Dave Porridge and the new group of legendary heroes he had assembled with him. Chronos was slain personally by Dave and one by one the countries kept under close watch by the paladins joined forces in a great rebellion, eventually hunting Chronology down to its bare foundations with a few pure members who refounded the church with the original principles of eliminating undead.


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